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October 2011
- Ok, I have to say it has been a LONG time since I updated my Pixies links page.. so long infact that of the 35 working links I had to wonderful Pixies goodness, only the below survive! If you have any good Pixies links you want added here, drop me a line.

SIMON LARBALESTIER'S WEBSITE - This is the guy who took the photos for many of the Pixies' CD sleeves.  Doolittle, Surfer Rosa, Palace of the Brine and more.  I reckon that the design of this site is AWESOME!

DEBASER - This site has been around for ages and has some great info.

MYSPACE PIXIES SITE - Plenty here to see/listen to.

LOUDQUIETLOUD DOCUMENTARY SITE - Official site for the documentary film about the band's 2004 reunion tour.

PIXIES DISCOGRAPHY - This site has everything you ever wanted to know about anything that the Pixies have ever recorded or appeared on. Very comprehensive listing. Also contains some other cool Pixies links.

THE MARTINIS - Joey Santiago & Linda Mallari's band.

ROCK N WORLD - Bio, discography, links.. the usual stuff..

VH1.COM - Bio and heaps of lyrics other stuff!

ALEC EIFFEL - FRENCH PIXIES PAGE - Check the graphics out at this site... lots of kewl Pixies info etc and HEAPS of links to other Pixies sites.

PITCHFORK MEDIA - A weird-arse review of "Pixies Live at the BBC" and other cool stuff.

PRINDLE ROCK & ROLL REVIEW SITE - A review of Pixies album releases.


More Links to come....

Woof woof!!


Crabs... Uugghh.. ;(


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